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Renovating Your Apartment or House Can Be Life-Changing

Kitchen apartment contractorsRenovating your apartment or house isn’t just about increasing the value of your property, it’s about improving your atmosphere, mood and the quality of your life. With thoughtful consideration about how you actually live in your home, we can help you redesign your kitchen, bathroom, family room, master bedroom or entire home. If you work at home you may need a private area with utility space with customized workspace counters, shelving and lighting so you can work more efficiently. If cooking is your passion, we can steer you toward the best configuration, most efficient appliances, task-friendly countertops, customized cabinetry, proper flooring and backsplash. Bathroom design is overlooked. Considering most people spend a good deal of time grooming with various products, ample bathroom storage, lighting and bathroom fixtures are important decisions. Problems with space and stationary elements can sometimes present challenges for a home remodeling project but we can typically find a solution to most any problem.

Attending to design details means keeping up with evolving home trends each year. We’ll help you consider new and fresh colors, materials, shapes and patterns for functionality and style. Whether you’re looking for a renovation that’s contemporary, feminine or masculine themed, globally inspired, traditional or casual with sustainable materials we can work with you through every step.

Above Remodeling goes above and beyond to ensure that every construction project – small or large – is completed within the time frame and budget that works for our clients. We specialize in New York City apartment renovations, but we’re also pros when it comes to urban and suburban house renovations. From consultation and budgeting to scheduling and material acquisition to filing of permits and licenses, Above Remodeling handles all aspects of your project.

The BuilderTrend feature on our website is designed to keep you up-to-date as we work on your renovation. Our website site also on our latest projects, team news and the newest trends in remodeling and renovation. Visit AboveRemodeling on social media to see renovation styles, and closeup photos of interior details and finishes that make all the difference.  Contact us with any questions about your upcoming project or to arrange a consultation and estimate.

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Your New Apartment Can Be A Whole Lot More Exciting

If you’re looking for a contractor with experience in full home and apartment renovation and remodeling services in the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Queens, look to Above Remodeling. Specializing in an all-in-one approach to home contracting, we coordinate and supervise every aspect of a remodeling project. From initial consultation, design, and the permit process, to material selection, construction, and post-job cleanup, our full-service approach offers complete convenience. The Above Remodeling team enables you to remain focused on your busy schedule and life while we manage and oversee the renovation of your home. You can access daily updates and photos for your remodeling project via easy access to BuilderTrend via our website so you can track progress from wherever you are.

Whether we are performing a full apartment or home renovation or just a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, every home improvement job we stay on task and work to achieve your goals. To ensure that all work proceeds according to plan, each Above Remodeling remodeling project is led by our team consisting of skilled, talented and experienced designers, construction supervisors and project managers. All construction is performed by skilled tradespersons. All of these individuals have extensive experience working on home and apartment (both co-op and condo) renovation projects throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. Rest assured your remodeling project will be in the hands of highly qualified, fully licensed and insured professionals.

We help to make your remodeling vision a reality. Contact us to get started.


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Stylish & Modern Bathroom Remodeling

If you are getting ready to upgrade to a stylish and modern bathroom renovation in your home, there are many approaches ranging from a full bathroom remodel to simply upgrading existing items. From Italian tile, to sleek cabinetry and bathroom hardware, we can work with you to make your vision come to life. These upgrades include changing hardware such as replacing fixtures, or even changing tile, wallpaper and paint. If changing the existing hardware and appliances isn’t enough to breathe new life into your bathroom, a popular option for homeowners is to remodel existing elements. If you are looking for a simple visual improvement and impact, a remodel of the flooring can do the job and change the entire theme. If you are looking for a more functional change, replacing an old toilet, dated hardware and dysfunctional cabinets may be in order. These changes can improved utility and add a lot of serviceable space a big consideration – for apartment dwellers.  For most people, a fresh and modern bathroom can change your entire outlook on life. Contact us for an estimate.

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Top 5 Considerations for Small Space Kitchen Remodeling

New York city kitchen remodeling

An apartment or small house kitchen is the one space where every single inch of square footage counts. Even a small kitchen remodel can be a big investment so key considerations are a good place to start. Smart design and the right selection of appliances can make a small space function with big impact. Whether the kitchen space is galley, U-Shaped or boxed, there’s a way to design a good work flow and maximize usage. You will get a good return on your investment in personal productivity as well as resale value. Think about the following 5 points:

1. Counter Space

If your kitchen is multi purpose and serves as your bill paying space, work and project space, and family dining area, counter space may be extremely precious to you. Do you need flat service space for prep work for various tasks, aside from cooking? Customized peninsulas or kitchen islands can be useful extensions to existing counter space and really max out surface area.

new york city kitchen appliance installation

2. Appliance Size

Many smaller appliances today are just as functional as bigger models. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to dishwashers, wall ovens and refrigerators, as long as they are designed well. Bigger appliances may mean you need to sacrifice counter space. So if you cook and entertain often, bigger appliances may work better for you. If not, go smaller and grab the extra counter space.

3. Cabinets & Storage

Vertical design and cabinets that go as high as possible will allow you to totally maximize your storage space. Utilize recessed spaces, drawer organizers, pull out racks and open shelving for easy access.

4. Lighting

With so many choices available, the most important consideration when it comes to lightning is practicality and how you plan to use the space. But that said if style and statement are your big concerns then shiny metallics – brass, copper, rose gold or silver can crate a modern pop. Gold finishes will add warmth, groupings of different height will add architectural interest, simple clear globes can create an illusion of height. A pop of color in an otherwise neutral space can be a real mood changer. For a glamorous look a crystal or ornamental chandelier can be just the right touch.

5. Color Balance

Color can be a real game changer for small space kitchens, Whether on walls, cabinets, floors or backsplash tile, simple or bold color combinations can make a kitchen area look more opened up and be a reflection of your personal style at the same time. Never underestimate how color can help improve the flow and function of kitchen space.


Contact Above Remodeling for a free estimate and to get started on your kitchen project.

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Modern Designs in Small Spaces: Bathrooms



While there is no formula for renovating and designing small spaces, contractors, interior designers and homeowners alike agree that modern designs work best in small areas. Reliant on clean lines, paired down elements and simplicity, modern designs can make typically small apartment rooms feel much larger. By choosing elements carefully, integrating built-in, carefully hidden storage solutions and working with light and textures, style never needs to be sacrificed to gain more space.

With careful planning and ingenious solutions,
a small bathroom can be designed to
maximize space but not sacrifice comfort and luxury.

While the bathroom is probably the smallest space in any home – aside from closets – a lot of activity goes on there and room for supplies is usually high on a homeowner’s wish list. That said, most people want to make the most out of every square inch of space. With careful planning and ingenious solutions, a small bathroom can be designed to maximize space but not sacrifice comfort and luxury. Modern bathroom designs can create a sophisticated ambience with upscale amenities that includes granite countertops, modular storage, stylish lavatories, vanities and speciality features.

Simple neutral color scheme paired with warm materials, minimal detailing and textures can make a major impact in any bathroom. Today, there is an abundant selection of “green” sustainable bathroom products to choose from. Following are some remodeling aspects that we recommend to maximize bathroom space.


The choices available for bathroom lighting fixtures seems endless, but recessed lighting can create a soft glow and seemingly help the space to appear bigger.

Wall-mounted, flat mirrors can reflect room lighting – a detail particularly useful in bathrooms without a window.

Modern Fixtures
The sleek modern designs of many modern fixtures can open up the space and compliment the overall atmosphere. Bronze and polished chrome finishes are the most desired today.

Typical sink cabinets, while seemingly functional for storage can in reality, chip away at bathroom space. Pedistal sinks, counter-top vessel sinks and artisan sinks can, in fact, make the bathroom appear bigger.

Storage Space
When space is at a premium, and it usually is in New York City apartments, reply on using vertical space. Shelving positioned above doorways and cabinetry that extends from floor to ceiling can claim a surprising amount of storage space.

Bathtubs & Showers
While showers curtains can make a bathroom appear to be smaller by separating the space, glass enclosures can create the opposite effects and seemingly double to room size. If privacy is an issue, patterns and etchings can still be used and not defeat the purpose.

Use of Color
Monochromatic, soft, neutral color schemes can create the illusion of more space. Repeating wall color on the ceiling can give the illusion of height.

Large floor tiles and subtle patterns will create less of a visual break that busy patterns and small tiles. Herringbone patterns in wood or bamboo flooring can bring just the right amount of warmth for those who feel modern designs can be cold.


Contact Above Remodeling to discuss plans for your bathroom renovation.



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