It’s a new year and time to finally move forward on those projects you’ve been thinking about for a while. There’s never a better time to hit the drawing board then in the midst of winter when there seems to be more time to plan and less time to actually do things. If you’ve been thinking about a New York City apartment renovation or complete remodel, it’s an exciting time to look at new materials and hot trends in interior design. This type of project takes a good deal of planning, and certainly budget allocation, but the rewards can be numerous.

1. Zero in On Your Aesthetic

You probably have a good idea of your personal style and what inspires you, but if you are unsure, now is the time to dedicate time to serious inspiration. Have some “picture yourself living here” moments, click, clip and grab images that you find yourself gravitating toward. Zero in on color, finishes, details, overall styles — classic, modern, global, environmental, minimal, Boho — and collect examples of everything you like and nothing that you don’t! Then review your collection and using the process of elimination, narrow down to the best examples of what your ideal New York City apartment habitat looks like. Can you see yourself there? If the answer is “Yes!” then you’re on the right track.

2. Develop A Budget with Priorities in Mind

Look at your finances and get a good solid handle on what resources you have to work with. Consider what your short and long-term plans are for owning/living in the space. Do you plan to move or sell in the next five year period? If so, look at online listings or consult with a real estate agent to determine what a realistic sale price may be in the future so you can determine the return on your remodeling investment. If not, think even harder about how your life may evolve while living there and what you will need to thrive. While looking at your priorities of must-have and nice-to-have changes, think seriously about how these priorities will change how you live in your apartment. Will living be easier? …More pleasant … more productive … more fun? It’s not unusual that during the estimating process, it’s revealed that your project will cost more then you imagined, which is why priorities are very important. You may realize there are aspects of the project that you really don’t want to cut or eliminate, in which case you can revisit your financial resources and make needed adjustments. 

3. Start to Assemble a Team

A key aspect of hiring a New York City General Contractor for an apartment renovation is to look to your neighbors for recommendations. A contractor who has already worked in your building will be well-equipped to navigate the building management and logistics. Hiring a professionally licensed and insured contractor who comes with great references is key to a successful project. Depending on the type of apartment remodel you may need to hire an interior designer, kitchen and bath designer and an architect. A good general contractor will listen to your ideas, understand your vision, coordinate the team, estimate the job, schedule all of the work, keep the time tables flowing, navigate the process, order the materials and bring your job to completion, on time and on budget. Also look for accreditations from the Better Business Bureau®, National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) and Lead Safe certified contractors.

4. Get Ready to Communicate

It’s really important to clearly convey to your remodeling team what you do and do not want! Pictures, and more picture, can be the best form of explanation to an architect or designer because these professionals “speak” in visual language. Curate your own collection of photos from online articles, snap example photos from print magazine or catalogs with your mobile phone and utilize Pinterest to put together all the details that you want to consider so you can talk through with your team. It’s also important to have several planning sessions and to allow your ideas to evolve and change once your team brings important feasibility considerations to the table. Any bit of extra time you take in communicating and assuring certainty of all aspects of the remodel will help make the renovating process more smooth and eliminate the needed for costly and time consuming adjustments down the road.

5. Really Consider Your Expectations

Timeframe, inconveniences and realistic workflow for certain types of projects all need to be completely thought through. Weather, holidays, navigating in and out of New York City, specially ordered materials, structural changes, plumbing, are just some of the factors that will come in to play and makeup a timetable. Do you have the patience to bare with the process? Talk to your contracting team about what you can and cannot endure because once the work begins, you will be in it for the “long haul.” Will the remodeling work impact your professional life? Can you literally live through it or should you arrange to live elsewhere for a short while? Be sure to plan accordingly in advance.

6. Decide on A Starting Point and Go!

Above Remodeling can steer you toward the best configurations, most efficient appliances, task-friendly countertops, customized cabinetry, proper flooring and backsplash. Problems with space and stationary elements can sometimes present challenges for a home remodeling project but solution can typically be found for most any problem.

With thoughtful consideration about how you actually live in your home, Above Remodeling can help you redesign your kitchen, bathroom, family room, master bedroom or entire home.  We’ll help you consider new and fresh materials, shapes patterns and colors for functionality and style. ARC specializes in New York City apartment renovations, and goes above and beyond to ensure that every construction project – small or large – is completed within the time frame and budget that works for our clients. If you’re looking for a contractor with experience in full home and apartment renovation and remodeling services in the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Queens, look to Above Remodeling.

Specializing in an all-in-one approach to home contracting, we coordinate and supervise every aspect of a remodeling project. From initial consultation, design, and the permit process, to material selection, construction, and post-job cleanup, our full-service approach offers complete convenience. The Above Remodeling team enables you to remain focused on your busy schedule and life while we manage and oversee the renovation of your home. We’ve worked in many buildings in Manhattan and are familiar with management and requirements. Chances are, we’ve already worked in your building!

Above Remodeling handles, electric, plumbing, millwork, countertops, tile, paint and every detail in between. Read about our team, our credentials and see our complete list of services. We help to make your remodeling vision a reality. Contact us to get started. 

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