Kitchen and bathroom remodels are relatively large investments for most people. It makes sense to do some homework and investigate ideas and trends before you start the process. The good news is that the styles and trends that are on deck for 2020 and 2021 kitchen and bathroom renovations are rooted in some classic styles that are making a comeback and will likely be here to stay for a while. So if you are seriously thinking about renovating, it’s a particularly good time to get proactive and get good mileage, so to speak, from your investment. Here are 4 key points to bare in mind:

White is going, going, almost gone! Color is back in a big way!

While it seemed to have been the easy choice for many years and left room for small splashes of color, the all white trend seems to have bored a lot of homeowners who are now longing for color to express their style and personality. More and more homeowners want to add some splash to their lives and make a statement with the modern look of colorful cabinets and walls. Mosaic tiles and colorful backsplashes that rise to the ceiling can pull a kitchen or bathroom together in a dynamic way. However busy colorful granite countertops are out! Soft, neutral looks are in for countertops with the most popular materials being engineered quartz and natural stone.

The stainless steel appliance look is out! Dark is in.

Drama and depth is in with carbon and black stainless steel as well as super functioning appliances features! From refrigerators with specialized filters to keep your vegetables fresh and crisp longer to super sink dishwashers ideal for small space and apartment kitchens, 2020 appliances aren’t only about style – they are about conserving energy and maximizing space. Appliances are an integral part of life and a large expense so durability and aesthetic appeal are the most important factors. There are many factors to consider and pricing can vary greatly.

Wood is on the rise.

Whether you are partial to Cherry, Mahogany, Birch or Walnut, cabinetry made of wood with finely crafted organization systems are a sound investment and never a bad idea. For every possible situation and square inch of under-utilized space, there is an organizational solution that can simplify and declutter your kitchen or bathroom. Space is the all important motivator for most apartment homeowners when they are considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Space-gaining ideas are usually a main motivator to tip the scale toward renovating. While style is important many people still look at the functionality factor as the necessary push. Built-in cabinetry, utilizing often over-looked vertical space and many other “tricks-of-the-trade” are some of the many solutions that can be addressed in discussions with a general contractor and skilled space designer. Decluttering with clever organizational installations is where it’s at. You can realize more space then you ever imagined.

Details Make the Difference

Invest in a good conversation piece or few whether it’s the high-end appliances in bold dramatic colors, or built-in wall units or furnishings to help minimize the appearance of clutter – and de-stress your living space. Configure that charging station or workstation for smart kitchen devices. Re-configure your space for an Alexa-enabled microwave and a place for a robotic vacuums. Think about using different metals and hardware in your kitchen or bathroom. Matte black is a popular 2020 design choice if you’re looking for the minimalist approach. Start planning in terms of what brings value and ease to how you live your life in your home. Let Above Remodeling help you make your ideas into reality.

Above Remodeling Corp. is fully licensed and insured and provides official estimates with costs, timelines and payment schedules. We are a lead safe certified firm of professional general contractors that plan, design, file permits and licenses, schedule, order materials and keep the workflow moving according to schedule. We offer complete home remodeling services including complete home and apartment renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, electrical, plumbing, tiling, flooring, painting and other services.

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