A 3-Step Approach to Kitchen Renovation
If you have been thinking and dreaming about a new kitchen for a while and you’re ready to take the plunge, good guidance from kitchen renovation pros can give you valuable insight into every stage of the process and what to expect for the cost of a kitchen remodel. Kitchen contractors and renovators are best brought onboard early on because they know how to maximize your space, where you should concentrate your budget and what’s trending in kitchen design. The average cost of a complete kitchen renovation can be substantial but, this money spent can bring you a high return when you resell. Whether you are planning on a complete kitchen remodel, or just planning to update key areas, there is a lot to consider. It’s wise to invest time and patience in the planning process. Kitchen renovation decision-making can be a bit like the domino effect. One choice will impact other choices down the line. Ironing out all of the details from the onset can keep the remodeling timeline on schedule and lessen the impact to your normal routine. Probably the most important 3 steps are to focus on the functionality that best suits your life, layout and space requirements and style.

It stands to reason that if something isn’t working properly in your kitchen, it can make your kitchen less efficient and dampen your enthusiasm and productivity. One of the biggest stumbling blocks can be appliances. In some cases repair can be very cost effective, but depending on the appliances, their age, placement and your desire for style and of course your budget, new appliances may be your priority. With so many choices and high-tech featuring available, carefully consider which features will be of most value to you and which will not.
Organizing clutter is always a challenge in just about every kitchen. If you are trying to maximize space in a small apartment kitchen, cabinetry is key. Cabinets can be a large expense and some of the pros advise choices that are classic in style so then endure the test of time. Rolling out shelves are a must have to save the maximum amount of space. Integrating shelving under cabinetry can gain a considerable amount of space. Proper planning to avoid wasted space in the kitchen is essential to creating storage space for small appliances and gadgets.
If you cook, bake and entertain a lot, durable, stain-resistant quartz countertops that require far less maintenance then marble may be the most functional choice for you. There are many choices of countertop materials and backsplash configurations, but they too will be determined by your budget, space and how you live and work in your kitchen.

Layout & Space
Kitchen layouts can varying and some kitchen designs can be more functional then others depending on space. Larger kitchens have the space to allow the layout to be broken up in attractive ways and direct traffic flow. Of the 5-6 primary kitchen layouts that are used, the one-wall kitchen layout works well for studio apartment kitchens as does the galley kitchen layout. L-shaped, Horse-shoe, islands and peninsula layouts in the kitchen are all good considerations when space allows. Typically a kitchen should be a minimum of 8’ x 12’ to even consider accommodating an island.

Here’s the chance to let your personality come through in the style of your kitchen. it’s perfectly OK to mix and match. The kitchen doesn’t need to be entirely modern or completely traditional. Sleek, tech appliances can pair up well with classic cabinetry. Most designers, kitchen bloggers and trend watchers agree that the all white look is on its way out. Color is the order of the day. That doesn’t mean that areas of white won’t work. In fact, some white ares in the kitchen can create the perfect balance and transition to a bold and dramatic use of color. Kitchen color selection can be relative to a homeowners’ personality and bring dimension to a kitchen space. Smaller New York City apartment kitchens can appear much larger and more open when color is used properly. Color combinations that introduce stark contrast and stimulating and warmer colors are tending to be most popular. Lighting, hardware and fixtures are available in a myriad of styles and colors and materials that can introduce a sense of opulence, whimsey, global flair or sustainable consciousness. The overall layout of the kitchen will be enhanced by all of these choices and these items can more easily and affordably be changed a few years down the line for a new look.

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