Renovating the bathroom in your apartment or house isn’t just about increasing the value of your property, it’s about improving your atmosphere, mood and yes! – The quality of your life. With thoughtful consideration about how you actually live in your home, we can help you redesign your bathroom so that one of the most important rooms in your home gives you space, functionality and an uplifting atmosphere.

Bathroom design is often overlooked. Considering that most people are rushing around trying to get ready to start their day, a bathroom that makes life easier instead of more challenging can set the entire tone of your day. A typical person spends a good deal of time grooming with various products for teeth, hair, nails, body and face, so ample bathroom storage, electricity, lighting and bathroom fixtures are important factors. The bathroom is usually the first room you enter in the morning and the last before you go to bed at night. Problems with space and stationary elements can sometimes present challenges for a home remodeling project, but we can typically find a solution to most any problem and design the bathroom around your lifestyle.

Attending to design details means keeping up with evolving home trends each year. We’ll help you consider new and fresh colors, materials, shapes and patterns for durability and functionality as well as style. Whether you’re looking for a Manhattan renovation that’s contemporary, feminine or masculine themed, globally inspired, traditional or casual – with sustainable materials – we can work with you through every step.

From selecting contemporary bathroom faucets, convenient bathroom shelving options, proper installation of vessel sinks, tips for choosing a bathroom mirror and designing true bathroom luxury, Above Remodeling is your complete bathroom renovation team.

We’ll take a look at current trends in bathroom fixtures, hardware, vanities, mirror and lighting, as well as the most practical, stylish and sustainable tile, grout and flooring for your preferences, space and budget. Establishing a budget for your apartment bathroom renovation is key and we can work with you to help you understand remodeling costs, determine what is appropriate for your plans and practical for your pocket. Chances are, we’ve already worked in your building and are familiar with the guidelines and challenges that New York City remodelers face. Knowing how to navigate through your building’s guidelines helps us move forward quickly and efficiently.

Above Remodeling goes above and beyond to ensure that every construction project – small or large – is completed within the time frame and budget that works for our clients. We specialize in New York City apartment renovations, but we’re also pros when it comes to urban and suburban house renovations. From consultation and budgeting to scheduling and material acquisition to filing of permits and licenses, Above Remodeling is full licensed and insured and handles all aspects of services for your project.

Our website, Facebook and Instagram pages show some of our latest New York City apartment renovation projects, team news and the newest trends in remodeling and renovation.

We are experts in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bedroom suites, entire home renovations and remodeling to join co-op apartments together. If you work at home, you may need a private area with utility space with customized workspace counters, shelving and lighting so you can work more efficiently. We can do that! If cooking is your passion, we can steer you toward the best configuration, most efficient appliances, task-friendly countertops, customized cabinetry, proper lighting, flooring and backsplash for your kitchen.

Visit AboveRemodeling on social media to see renovation styles, and closeup photos of interior details, appliances and finishes that make all the difference in your relationship with your home.  Contact us with any questions about your upcoming project or to arrange a free apartment renovation consultation and estimate.

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