If you are getting ready to upgrade to a stylish and modern bathroom renovation in your home, there are many approaches ranging from a full bathroom remodel to simply upgrading existing items. From Italian tile, to sleek cabinetry and bathroom hardware, we can work with you to make your vision come to life. These upgrades include changing hardware such as replacing fixtures, or even changing tile, wallpaper and paint. If changing the existing hardware and appliances isn’t enough to breathe new life into your bathroom, a popular option for homeowners is to remodel existing elements. If you are looking for a simple visual improvement and impact, a remodel of the flooring can do the job and change the entire theme. If you are looking for a more functional change, replacing an old toilet, dated hardware and dysfunctional cabinets may be in order. These changes can improved utility and add a lot of serviceable space a big consideration – for apartment dwellers.  For most people, a fresh and modern bathroom can change your entire outlook on life. Contact us for an estimate.

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