An apartment or small house kitchen is the one space where every single inch of square footage counts. Even a small kitchen remodel can be a big investment so key considerations are a good place to start. Smart design and the right selection of appliances can make a small space function with big impact. Whether the kitchen space is galley, U-Shaped or boxed, there’s a way to design a good work flow and maximize usage. You will get a good return on your investment in personal productivity as well as resale value. Think about the following 5 points:

1. Counter Space

If your kitchen is multi purpose and serves as your bill paying space, work and project space, and family dining area, counter space may be extremely precious to you. Do you need flat service space for prep work for various tasks, aside from cooking? Customized peninsulas or kitchen islands can be useful extensions to existing counter space and really max out surface area.

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2. Appliance Size

Many smaller appliances today are just as functional as bigger models. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to dishwashers, wall ovens and refrigerators, as long as they are designed well. Bigger appliances may mean you need to sacrifice counter space. So if you cook and entertain often, bigger appliances may work better for you. If not, go smaller and grab the extra counter space.

3. Cabinets & Storage

Vertical design and cabinets that go as high as possible will allow you to totally maximize your storage space. Utilize recessed spaces, drawer organizers, pull out racks and open shelving for easy access.

4. Lighting

With so many choices available, the most important consideration when it comes to lightning is practicality and how you plan to use the space. But that said if style and statement are your big concerns then shiny metallics – brass, copper, rose gold or silver can crate a modern pop. Gold finishes will add warmth, groupings of different height will add architectural interest, simple clear globes can create an illusion of height. A pop of color in an otherwise neutral space can be a real mood changer. For a glamorous look a crystal or ornamental chandelier can be just the right touch.

5. Color Balance

Color can be a real game changer for small space kitchens, Whether on walls, cabinets, floors or backsplash tile, simple or bold color combinations can make a kitchen area look more opened up and be a reflection of your personal style at the same time. Never underestimate how color can help improve the flow and function of kitchen space.

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