If you are getting ready for a bathroom remodel in your house or New York City apartment, remember that there are many traditional and non-traditional approaches ranging from a full renovation to simply upgrading existing items. These upgrades include changing hardware such as replacing fixtures, or even changing tile, wallpaper and paint. If changing the existing hardware and appliances isn’t enough to breathe new life into your bathroom, a popular option for homeowners is to remodel existing elements. If you are looking for a simple visual improvement and impact, a remodel of the flooring can do the job and change the entire theme. If you are looking for a more functional change, replacing an old toilet, dated hardware and dysfunctional cabinets may be in order. These changes can improved utility and add a lot of serviceable space – a big consideration for apartment dwellers. Above Remodeling has put together 8 topics for your to think about so you to get the most out of your bathroom remodel.

1. Shower & Bathtub

Replace an older bathtub with a new model, or by remove the bathtub all together and opt for a walk in shower. Walk in showers are an excellent way to change the entire look of your bathroom. Bath tubs are a staple for most bathrooms and are usually the centerpiece. Replacing bathtubs entirely for newer and better looking models is generally a good idea but in recent years home owners have started to simply replace old hardware on tubs. Changing knobs and fixtures is a great way to improve the look of any tub. If you are in the market for a new bath, consider models that can be upgraded to include sliding doors or other elements that you may want later. When upgrading your bathroom, homeowners should always make sure that their new bath choices meet their space requirements and will mate with existing plumbing.

2. Counter Tops

New counter tops can drastically change the look of your bathroom since they are usually the first thing people notice when first entering. Impressive counters can draw attention away from some of the less beautiful parts of your bathroom. Replacing an old synthetic plastic counter with stone, or stone veneered, tops will give a more earthy appearance. Replacing the counter with colored tops will allow you to match colors elsewhere in the bathroom.

3. Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most used but yet overlooked items in a bathroom. Upgrading your existing mirror can be an easy change. While the mirror itself can be replaced, simply adding a trim frame around it can be enough to make an old piece look new.

4. Bathroom Lighting

Of all places in any home, bathroom lighting needs to be multi-operational and among the most well-lit considering that the bathroom is where most people start their day. Bright LED day light fixtures flanking a bathroom mirror are ideal for grooming and makeup tasks. Additional lighting where density can be controlled with dimmer switches can create a soft ambience for relaxed bathing.

5. Flooring

Upgrading your flooring is always a great way to change the look and feel of your bathroom. If you are currently using a linoleum floor, consider moving to a tile or hard wood floor. Tile is a great option due to its water resistant nature, and can give a more regal feel to your bathroom. While hard wood flooring is not traditionally considered for this type of renovation, in recent years composite materials that mimic the appearance of wood have become popular options. These composite materials are water resistant, and can give a unique and more natural look to your room.

6. Cabinets

Cabinet upgrades are a great way to re-imagine any bathroom. Most bathroom cabinets are built from ply or particle board and then coated with a wood grain veneer. This veneer is not always water resistant, and condensation buildup can cause the veneer to slowly degrade. A great remedy to avoid this problem is to install well-built models made from a solid wood which will last longer and potentially avoid water damage.

7. Bathroom Tile

Tile backsplashes and walls can add a lot of drama and style to a bathroom, but also will add quite a bit to overall renovation costs. Unique shapes, colors and materials like glass and organic stone can substantially change the mood.

8. Color

If you’re looking to freshen your bathroom with a new paint job, today’s overwhelming amount of color choices can be daunting. Neutral tones with organic undertones, while very popular, can also be the most satisfying not only for the mood but for longevity. A bold accent color can be introduced on one wall that can be easily be “swapped out” for a later refresh.

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